Hello. Thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed. It’s such an honor to interview a person like you. I’m really looking forward to your Japan tour. So first of all, could you introduce a little bit of yourself?

This is Karl, main man in the band Last Days Of April that has been going for 20 years now.


やぁ、カールだよ。Last Days Of Aprilってバンドで20年間プレイしてきたよ。

You have played in Japan a few times and the last show in Japan was 8 years ago. Now how does it feel like to be here again? Is there a specific place or thing you would like to go or do in Japan?

Nah, I just want to stroll around get coffee, sing some karaoke and feel the vibe. Maybe score some rare Pokémon for my son and some records for me. So happy we’re coming over again!



The music scene has changed a lot so has LDOA. Now you guys are still playing as a lot of the other bands have vanished in the history. I’d like to know why you guys have been able to play great music for such a long period of time.

First, thank you. I don’t know, I guess you get better at something the more you do it, as with everything. I’m just blessed to still be going. To be able to travel the word and play music.



It has been 20 years since the debut. There was an era you played solo. A lot of things happened in the course of history of LDOA I assume. Now looking back on the 20 years, how do you feel about the history of LDOA and the albums you’ve released? And why have you been able to stay who you are in LDOA? And why did you decide to keep on playing in this project even when you were left alone?

Nelly, the other member who’s been in LDOA since the start quit in 2004. That’s why I released pale as milk under my name. I guess LDOA has been more or less a solo project since then because the line up is changing from tour to tour… But the guys I’m bringing this time was playing on both 79 and Sea Of Clouds. They’re really something. You’ll see… 


このプロジェクトを始めたときから一緒にやってきたネリーってやつがいるんだけど2004年に辞めちゃったんだ。だから”Pale As Milk”はソロ名義でリリースしたんだ。多分LDOAはソロプロジェクト的な側面が多少あるかもね。なぜならメンバーがツアーごとに変わっちゃうから。でも今回一緒にプレイするメンバーは”79″と”Sea Of Clouds”でプレイしてくれたメンバーなんだ。彼らはすごいよ。楽しみにしててね笑

What kind of child were you Karl?

Kind of a quiet I guess. Had really good friends but was never the popular guy.



As a songwriter/musician, what kind of music or artists have influenced you?

A bunch… first Lennon, Elton John and Prince then the grunge scene and then moving on to the alternative scene with bands like dinosaur jr, the lemonheads, sebadoh and so on. And some HC music too… The last 3 years jazz has completely taken over my brain…


沢山いるよ。まず最初はJohn Lennon、Elton John、そしてPrince。グランジも聴いたりしたかな。そこからDinosaur Jr、The Lemonheads、Sebadohとかのオルタナ系のジャンルを聴きあさったね。後少しハードコアとかもね。ここ3年はジャズに完璧に心を奪われてるよ。

The latest work “Sea of Clouds”, I feel pure beauty when I listen to this album. I think what makes this album so beautiful is it’s simpleness. The simpler sounds are giving people an easy access to it’s energy and beauty of the album and that’s what makes this album standout. I imagine a piece of picture of beautiful and calming scenery in my mind when I listen to this album. So what I’d like know is, what was the first idea or imagination for the album? What was the starter?

As you said, I wanted to keep it simple. No overdubs while recording just get a good vibe. And we also wanted to make it all analog. Live takes onto tape in a classic environment, studio Atlantis in Stockholm. 

最新作”Sea Of Clouds”は聴いた時純粋な美しさを感じるような作品でした。僕が思うにこのアルバムがこれほど美しく聴こえるのはそのシンプルさから来ていると感じました。よりシンプルなサウンドが人々にこのアルバムの美しさやエナジーを感じやすくさせているような気がしてそれこそがこのアルバムを際立たせていると僕は感じます。このアルバムを聴くと美しくて穏やかな風景の断片をイメージしたりしますが、このアルバムを作るにあたって何かインスピレーションやきっかけはあったのでしょうか?


At the early age, you guys were playing pure emotional music combined with hardcore punk and now it has become more like indie pop. Was there a specific event or reason to effect on the way you write songs? I’d like to know what has brought you to where you are now. 

A natural change. I guess I got more and more to say about the song writing when the other members quit… And I’ve always been into to pop and good classic songwriting.



What is the music scene in Sweden like these days? What types of scene are there? And which part of LDOA do you think makes people think that you guys are from Sweden? 

The scene is changing. In Sweden people are quite jaded at the moment… Always thinking about coming up with something new and trendy. Not necessarily a good thing… 



What do you think when you listen to the songs you have released in the past? And if you have inside stories or episodes behind these songs, could you tell us about it?

#Angel youth

Off ascend to the stars… cool sounding tune. We used a floor tom for snare on the recording.

#All Will Break

I guess it’s one of our more popular songs… we shot the video for it in southern Sweden and shot it on film, if I remember correctly… Oskar the bass player in the video didn’t play on the record but did most of the touring on ascend to the stars. He’s now the manager for Young Lean…

# It’s On Everything

I like this song. Like the video too. The song is about dandruff.

# Fallen Star

Great song by a great band called the hard-ons. I love the hard-ons!


#Angel Youth

Ascend To The Starsからの一曲だね。僕のお気に入りだよ。レコーディングではスネアの代わりにフロアタムを使ったんだ。

#All Will Break

多分僕たちの曲の中で一番人気の曲の一つだよね。この曲のビデオはスウェーデンの南端の地方で撮ったんだ。僕が覚えている限りね。ビデオでベースを弾いてるオスカーはアルバムではベースを弾いていないんだけどAscend To The Starsのツアーではほぼ全てのベースを弾いてたよ。彼は今Young Leanのマネージャーをしているよ。

#It’s On Everything 


#Fallen Star


What motivates you to play in LDOA the most and where does the motivation come from? What kind of band or artist do you wanna be in the future?

I just want to be able to keep on doing what I’m doing now. Travel the world and record new albums. Meet friendly people from all over the world… It’s everything I could wish for, pretty much.



Could you tell us what kind of music do you listen these days?

Jazz jazz and jazz…. I try to squeeze some rock it there too but it’s mostly jazz.



So lastly, I would like you to leave a message to those who are looking forward to your shows and reading this interview.

I bet I’m the one who looks forward to the shows the most. I can’t wait to be back in Japan and to see you all! It’s gonna be fun!


Thank you so much for being interviewed again Karl!



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